We are honored to be selling our pieces to recognized and award-winning model makers. But we want to be more precise with what you need to make your projects stand out.

That’s why we opened this section, so you can order custom work. The conditions we stipulate for this type of orders are the following:

1. The detailing should have as much as 15 cm. for its longer side, and should have a high degree of complexity. The ideal are small and complicated parts. Check out our shop to see the type of complexity and size.

2. You can request your idea by sending us a photo link, plan or initial drawing so we can understand exactly what you want through our CONTACT page. If we find it interesting, we’ll contact with you. If you send to us at this point accurate photographs or drawings of the object on a real scale, you will have a higher discount if we accept the order.

3. We will examine your idea, and give you an affirmative or negative answer within a few days.

4. The parameters by which we will be guided to decide whether to make it or not, will be based on whether they are attractive objects for their complexity or rarity, that brings distinction to the model and that is likely to be marketed after to other modelers.

5. Work schedules can last between 2 weeks and several months, depending on the complexity of the object.

6. If we accept your order, we will inform you of the price. We reserve the right to make a significant discount with respect to the price that we will later apply to other modelers when we first make it available to the public, if you provide plans that avoid performing a research work. We will also inform you of the approximate time that will be necessary to design, test and print the object so you can decide whether you are interested or not.

7. If you accept the price and the deadline, you must pay half of the amount in advance to guarantee your commitment before starting work. You will pay the other half in addition to the transportation costs when we notify you that the product is ready for the shipment.

8. This offer is aimed at individual modelers for their modeling project. It is strictly forbidden to duplicate, copy or reproduce our 3D printed objects and our designs in any form, except in photographs or articles written by the modeler in order to present his project.

9. This offer does not include in any case the assignment or sale of design, reproduction or manufacturing rights.


We have done recent works for a large model making company that is being marketed under its own brand. Selling our designs to be manufactured by the company and in other cases manufacturing us for them. In the case of only sale designs, these are tested on our SLA 3D printers as verification and approval of their viability for optimal printing.

If you want to make a commercial order, or for modelers who require a total exclusivity of the object that prevents its subsequent commercialization by us, or for cases that involve a transfer or sale of rights of design or reproduction or manufacturing, you can also contact us. Clearly indicating the commercial objective and type of specific agreement of the proposal.

For these cases, make sure you understand that it will be done a budget that must include the necessary hours of research of the object on real scale, scaling, a perfectionist design, printing tests, design corrections and new printing tests. As well as the cost of materials needed to deliver a design tested in print, or finished parts for your packaging according to the type of order.

On the other hand may or may not be included depending on the agreement, the assignment of rights for reproduction and or manufacture of our designs.

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