F-104 fighter on the ramp at the South Carolina Air National Guard Base, Congaree Air Field. 1960s era photo, courtesy of 169th FIGHTER WING of the United States of America.

The F-104 Starfighter is not only an aircraft in the history of aviation. It is the symbol of the starting point for a change in the cycle of US fighter characteristics, designed as supersonic interceptors against soviet nuclear bombers at the height of the cold war.

Now, taking advantage of the reduced price of the Italeri F-104 A/C in 1/32 scale, we believe it is a perfect candidate to design and manufacture a series of detailed for this impressive aircraft.

We do not know at the moment what plans Italeri may have for this kit, but from our own experience we can indicate that there was not for many years a model of the Starfighter in 1/32 in these initial versions unpainted with aluminum and mirror polished steel.

For this reason and given its low price, although it is only an opinion, we recommend modelers who plan to make this model, to acquire it soon in case its low price is indicative of a possible withdrawal.

Initially we planned the design and manufacture of the landing gear, radar, engine and some of the aircraft compartments. We do not exclude the cockpit or eject seat.

12/10/2023 - RADAR AN/ASG-14 T1 for F-104 A

The radar for F-104 A is finished and ready for sale. This radar is the AN/ASG-14 T1 valid for F-104 A.

RADAR AN/ASG-14 T2 for F-104 A and F-104 C

The radar for F-104 A and F-104 C is finished and ready for sale. This radar is the AN/ASG-14 T2 valid for F-104 A as upgrade of the previous AN/ASG-14 T1 in models A, and as stable component for F-104 C throughout its production.

17/12/2023 - Engine GENERAL ELECTRIC J79-GE-3 for F-104 A

We started designing and manufacturing the J79-3 nozzle. This is completely different from other J79 models. The list of engines and F-104 models is as follows:

J79-GE-3B      NF-104 / F-104A/B
J79-GE-7A     CF-104 / F-104C/D
J79-GE-11A    F-104A/G/J/F
J79-GE-19      F-104A/S

02/09/2024 - Nozzles for engine Pratt & Whitney F-100 PW 229 for F-16 CJ, F-16 I and F-15 E

We have received the order to make nozzles for these models. As it seems and as unfortunately seems sometimes usual, some or some manufacturers sell their reproductions generically without taking into account the particularities of each version.

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