A very interesting section of discounts has been established, which allows modelers to get a discount using parts of the same or different versions for each engine in twin-engine aircrafts.

For example, you can buy a closed nozzle for both engines, or an open and a closed nozzle. The discount percentage will act if are nozzles for the same aircraft, and being parts that can be combined.

If you purchase a normal nozzle for the Su-27, you can purchase the same for the other engine, or the nozzle version showing the inner part. If you buy an open nozzle with afterburner for the F-15, a discount can be applied when purchasing the second nozzle closed with an afterburner.

The discount will not apply when purchasing a nozzle with afterburner and the other without afterburner, since this type of assembly in a model will not have sense.

Other cases in which it is applied this type of discount per couple, is for the cases of engines installed in the aircraft. In this case it is understood that the other engine should at least show the nozzle with the same finish even if it is not other engine. So for these cases, the purchase of an installed engine allows to apply a discount to nozzles with or without afterburner.

These discounts may be applied at the final step of the purchase process, just before the final authorisation when transport and tax expenses are shown.

In any case in case of any doubt regarding the application of discounts, do not hesitate to contact us.
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