Mirage IIIE avionic compartment

Mirage III E or R avionic compartment. Model E and its R variant for reconnaissance, were lengthened behind the cockpit to add an avionics compartment with a new aluminum folding rack for equipment, with significant electronic improvements.

With UHF/VHF radios, electronic equipment, navigational computer, oxygen tanks and fuel tank for inverted flight

This model has been tested in adjustment and dimensions in the model kit of the Mirage III E/R of Italeri at 1/32 scale.


Consists of 11 pieces. To the pieces described above, you must add the compartment structure, cover and partitions.

Does not include the model of the Mirage III.


The assembly requires cutting the fuselage of the model of the aircraft to insert the structure.

Delicate work is required to adjust the edges of the detail to the fuselage, in addition to scratch work.


The modeler must add 6 tube pipes, 2 roof brackets and some electric cables.

Mirage IIIE avionic compartment pieces


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