Mirage III E R ATAR 09 C5 nozzle extraordinarily detailed

Snecma ATAR 09C5 engine nozzle for tail mounting.

This model has been tested in adjustment and dimensions in the model of the Mirage III E and R ( reconnaissance version ) of Italeri at 1/32 scale.

The Snecma ATAR now owned by Safran, is a powerplant used as an evolutionary base throughout successive french fighter-bomber models. It began to be designed in 1946 by a french development team lead by Hermann Oestrich, engineer participated in the german BMW 003 engine.

The ATAR 09 was used on the Mirage III, IV, V and F1 aircraft. As in other emblematic planes. The 09C was used on the Mirage III and V.


This is a single piece. As can be seen in the photograph, the thickness of each part is very careful. This is the reason why panels seems nearly transparent.

Mirage III model kit not included.


As a unique piece, it only requires its assembly to the plane.

It is recommended special care with panels.


This kit requires no scratch work. is Prepared for painting and assembly on the Mirage IIIE/R model.

Mirage III E R ATAR 09 nozzle detailed
Mirage III E R ATAR 09 nozzle
Mirage III E R ATAR 09 nozzle extrathin

Additional indications

As can be seen in the photographs this is an exceptional piece. It is an extraordinary detailed work. The spaces between the different structural rings of insulation and internal and external compression have been respected. Remaining very fine scaled and thin structures that provide an unsurpassed realism.




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