INNER NOZZLE for Su-27 modelkit

Su-27 Saturn AL31 super detailed nozzle with exterior panels removed

Inner nozzle of the Saturn AL31 to be mounted in the Sukhoi 27, with all exterior panels removed to show the expansion hydraulic pistons and the inner panels.

This kit has been fit and dimension tested on Trumpeter's Sukhoi 27 1/32 scale kit.

Power plant used as an evolutionary base along successive models for the air superiority Soviet fighers. His design began in 1976 by the development team of Arkhip Mihajlovic Ljulka. Was installed for the first time in the Sukhoi 27. Beating this aircraft 30 world records between 1986 and 1988

The successive models have been installed in the Sukhoi 30MK, 33 and 35 aircraft. As well as in the Sukhoi 34 bomber .


It is sold as a single piece to be able to combine it as a couple to the 2 engines of the plane, with another identical, with the version with all panels assemble, or the other one with only a few panels removed.

Sukhoi 27 model kit not included.


As a unique piece, it only requires its assembly to the plane.

It is recommended to take special care with the exposed rods in the disassembled part of the nozzle.


This kit requires no scratch work. is Prepared for painting and assembly on the Sukhoi 27 model.

Su-27 Saturn AL31 super detailed nozzle showing inner panels
Su-27 Saturn AL31 detailed nozzle showing hydraulic pistons
Su-27 Saturn AL31 super detailed 3d piece


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