RADAR AN/ASG-14 T1 for F-104A

Radar AN/ASG-14 T1 of F-104A

Radar RCA AN/ASG-14 T1 for F-104 A.

This model can be considered universal for all modelkit manufacturers, since the partition should be able to adapt to slight variations of the fuselage diameter of the F-104 A, although it has been designed and comes ready for the model of the F-104 A/C from Italeri to 1/32 scale.

This radar was designed by RCA with an MA-10 antenna for the F-104A model ( model specification 183-92-02 ). It was the first production version of the F-104. Of which 153 aircraft were built between 1956 and 1957. Intended as interceptors to the TAC ( Tactical Air Command ) and later to the ADC ( Area Defense Counsel ) and the National Guard.


The radar is delivered disassembled into several unpainted parts to allow paint them with comfort.

Does not include the model kit of the F-104.


It comes ready to insert the front panel of the fuselage into the hole of the fighter model. In case of divergence of diameter, you can sand the border or fill the space with putty.


The modeler should add very few cables. About 5 in this model.


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