Closed engine nozzle F-100 Pratt & Whitney 229 to be mounted on the F-15. Without outer petals.

This piece has been tested in fit and dimensions in the 1/32 scale model of the Tamiya F-15.

The F-100 is the powerplant used in all major North American F-15 air superiority series. The F-100 PW-100 flew for the first time on an F-15 on July 27, 1972 and beat several climbing speed records in 1975. The PW-200 was mounted in the F-16s in 1983. In 1985 the PW-220 flew with a new electric system to equalize softly power and in 1989 flew for the first time the PW-229.

The outer petals suffered damage from fuselage turbulence in F-15s and B-1 intercontinental bombers. In both cases it was decided to install the PW-229 without these, until new composite petals were redesigned.


Sold as 1 piece.

Does not include the model of the F-15.


Only require the gluing and assembly to the plane. The basrelief "NO PUSH" is optional. Its function is to allow the painting of these letters and their background box.


This detailset does not require scratch work. It is prepared for painting and assembly in the model of the plane. The rivets stand out more than necessary and reliefs have been placed in the changes of inclination of the end of the afterburner, to facilitate the painting with different tones by zones. If they are not desired, simply sand them lightly.

It may be necessary to sand and match with putty the union of the inner lining of the afterburner with the remaining part of this in the original model.


Please Choose:

You can select if you want or not the NO PUSH bas relief in the afternurner

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