AVRO Lancaster machine guns and racks for gun towers. It shows the interior of the machine gun towers providing a very substantial improvement. Displaying the double Browning M1919 machine guns on each of the towers, their ammunition belts and turning and support racks.

The Lancaster bomber is one of the most famous of the Second World War. Initially specialized in night bombardments, it ended up being adapted to transport the earthquake bomb, with which submarine and V2 bases were destroyed and even the battleship Tirpitz.

This model has been tested in fit and dimensions in the model of the AVRO Lancaster B MK I/III of Tamiya at 1/48 scale.


Includes 3 main and 2 auxiliary parts. The rear and upper towers with double mounted machine guns on their racks, and the rear tower with the spectacular frame for quadruple mounting. In addition there are 2 other pieces that serve as ejection trays from bushings to the outside for the rear tower.

Does not include the model kit of the AVRO Lancaster.


The assembly requires carefully inserting the parts inside each of the transparent domes that the kit of the plane brings.

These pieces have been designed to plug the openings in the domes, to prevent the entry of dust into them. Dirt that over time cannot be cleaned from the inside.

Therefore it requires a very precise assembly and also very careful for the fineness of the parts.

The detail of the guns of the machine guns is extraordinarily precise and fine. If these are to be at risk of breakage by hooks with cleaning utensils or other causes, they can be replaced by cutting and replacing them with the metal guns of Browning machine guns from the manufacturer Model Masters, not included in the kit.


The dust seals fit into the openings of the domes where the machine gun guns pierce them. Fitting these parts well requires some delicate adjustment work.


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