BASIC ENGINE SATURN AL31 installed for Su-27 modelkit

Su-27 Saturn AL31 basic model kit to be installed in fuselage

Basic part of engine Saturn AL31 to be installed inside the Sukhoi 27, with connector to fuselage, control box and gas starter. To be displayed from the first 2 engine inspection panels in the fuselage.

This kit has been fit and dimension tested on Trumpeter's Sukhoi 27 1/32 scale kit.

Power plant used as an evolutionary base along successive models for the air superiority Soviet fighers. His design began in 1976 by the development team of Arkhip Mihajlovic Ljulka. Was installed for the first time in the Sukhoi 27. Beating this aircraft 30 world records between 1986 and 1988

The successive models have been installed in the Sukhoi 30MK, 33 and 35 aircraft. As well as in the Sukhoi 34 bomber .


The reactor is delivered disassembled in different unpainted pieces.

The control boxes and other upper elements are also separate parts, to avoid the existence of contact points on the visible surfaces.


It is very easy to assemble the parts of this engine. But needs an intense scratch work if you want to complete a good part of the fine pipelines that cover the engine.

This design has been made with advanced modelers in mind who are looking for outstanding realism. Contributing pieces prepared to facilitate this type of work.

Sukhoi 27 model kit not included.


The parts have holes to insert the metal tubes that the modeler must add on his own if he wants to complete the medium gauge pipes.

These are not included in the model to avoid the artificiality of the bas-relief. The minimal but real separation between pipes and motor provide unbeatable hyperrealism.

Su-27 Saturn AL31 model kit front middle part
Su-27 Saturn AL31 model kit into plane
Su-27 Saturn AL31 model kit middle front part


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