AL31 positioning trailer model kit

Hydraulic lift trailer designed to align Saturn AL series engines at the attachment point to the fuselage. Aircraft must first be lifted with hydraulic jacks which can also be purchased separately at Tecnikit. Then the trailer is aligned from the rear, and the engine is raised to its inlet position to the engine nacelle.

This model has been tested in adjustment and dimensions in the model of the Saturn AL31 Tecnikit 1/32 scale.

The kit can be mounted with the raised engine platform in position to be installed or removed from the aircraft, or lowered to be transported. Since the hydraulic mechanism can be mounted at the desired height. In addition the front fixing brackets to the engine, can be deployed for transport or abated for installation

This trailer is compatible with Saturn AL31 engines, to be mounted on Sukhoi 27, 30MK, 33, 35 and 34 bombers. As with other Saturn engines of successive models for other Sukhoi aircraft.


The trailer is delivered disassembled in 27 pieces without painting to allow the painting with comfort.

With the trailer deployed and without complete attachment to the engine at the time of assembly or disassembly, or with the trailer folded and with all attachments to the engine in the resting position.

Does not include the Sukhoi model or engine kit.


Although many parts are included, the assembly is simple. A brass tube is included which must be cut into 4 parts of identical length. The length of these 4 tubes that serve as hydraulic pistons, is what determines the elevation of the platform.

Once the pieces are glued, the height cannot be changed.  


No need scratch work.

Although pistons with a little scratch work can be made functional by mounting low pressure fluid injection lines, we do not recommend it. Since a regulator would be necessary to equalize the elevation of the front and rear circuits.

AL31 hangar positioning trailer model kit
AL31 positioning trailer scale 1/32
AL31 positioning trailer for sukhoi planes


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