Hydraulic jacks to lift and secure Russian military aircraft to the floor of the workshops. These jacks are used, among other things, to fix the height of the aircraft in the workshop and to prevent it from varying when adding or removing weight by cushioning the landing gear. For example when uninstalling or installing engines.

Other examples of use are arrangements and tests of landing gear deployment without the aircraft touching the ground.

This model has been tested in fit and dimensions in the 1/32 scale model of Italeri’s Sukhoi 27.

The kit can be mounted with the piston more or less elevated, since 2 jacks are used under the nacelles of the engines, and the third under the front section of the fuselage.

Included 3 detached jacks in 2 sections each one, all unpainted to allow for comfortable painting.

Does not include the Sukhoi 27 model kit.

It is one of the easiest kits to assemble. A minimum adjustment is required to align the height of each jack to the required height.

This kit does not require any scratch, except to accentuate the contact perforations of the jacks in the model.


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