DB603 engine compartment

Daimler Benz DB603 right engine compartment from Heinkel 219. Allows observation of the compartment through 4 openings in the nacelle.

Daimler Benz’s 12-cylinder V-inverted DB603 engine was designed before the war to power a car intended to beat the world speed record. Was evolved as an aircraft engine starting production as indicated by its manufacturer Daimler Benz at its Marienfeldeen plant in June 1941.

It was used in both fighters and the famous Messerschmitt 109, even in bombers.

The Heinkel 219 was a fighter specifically designed to shoot down night bombers over Germany. Incorporating important technical advances such as radar, a pressurized cabin, and a double cannon in the column of the fuselage to fire from below at bomber formations.

This model has been tested in fit and dimensions in the 1/48 scale model of the Tamiya Heinkel 219.


Includes the Daimler Benz DB603 engine, inner hull structure, auxiliary tanks, firewalls, interior partition with cooling circuit, radiator tanks, exhaust pipes and opening covers.

Does not include the model of the Heinkel 219.


The assembly requires cutting the nacelle into 4 sections. This assembly work requires delicacy and precision, as it involves multiple very tight parts inside the nacelle.


Additional scratch work is required by the modeler, consisting of adding 6 pipes and 4 supports for the covers. It is not an intense work, but it is delicate because of the scale.

He-219 engine compartment
DB603 right engine compartment
Daimler Benz DB603 engine


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