RADAR Tikhomirov BARS for Su-30MKI, Su-30MKM, Su-30MKA, Su-30SN and Su-35

Radar Tikhomirov BARS for Su-30MKI / SU-30MKM / Su-35

Radar Tikhomirov BARS for Su-30MKI / Su-30MKM / Su-30MKIA / Su-30SN / Su-35.

This model can be considered as universal for all manufacturers, as the panel should be able to adapt to slight variations of Su-30 / Su-35 fuselage diameters in 1/32 scale.

This radar, known by its name N011 was tested in 1993 with the prototype Su-27M later known as Su-35.

Developed by the JSC V.V. Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, it is a PESA radar (passive electronic scanning array) capable of tracking 15 simultaneous targets and engaging 6 of them at same time.

It is the second radar research period for the entire Sukhoi 27 family and later versions.


The radar is delivered disassembled into several unpainted parts to allow paint them with comfort.

Does not include the model kit of the Sukhoi 35.


It comes ready to insert the front panel of the fuselage into the hole of the fighter model. In case of divergence of diameter, you can sand the border or fill the space with putty.


This kit has included a few printed cables that have been able to be printed efficiently. Only a few cables more have not been included in the design to let the modeler add them on their own to increase the sensation of realism.


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