NOZZLE for F-104A and F-104B

Nozzle of General Electric J79-GE-3 for F-104A and F-104B.

This piece has been tested in adjustment and dimensions in the 1/32 scale model of the F-104 A from Italeri.

The J79 manufactured by General Electric Aircraft Engines, is an evolutionary powerplant, designed in 50 decade as a reliable engine for sustained speeds of Mach 2. Passed the tests in 1955. And it was installed on NATO’s fastest-flying aircraft at the height of the Cold War.

Model 3 ( J79-GE-3 ), was installed on prototype YF-104, and for production on F-104A, F-104B and NF-104 used for experimentation at NASA. The J79-GE-3 was also installed on the intercontinental bomber B-58 Hustler, and the F-4 Phantom.

We have focused on the J79-GE-3 as it is the one that the F-104A initially equipped and during its service in the TAC ( Tactical Air Command ) as supersonic interceptor of the USAF. Before they were destined to the National Guard.


Sold as a unique piece.

Does not include the model of the F-104.


As a unique piece, it requires painting and assembling.

No additional information is required.


This piece does not require scratch work.

Ready for painting and assembly on the F-104 model.


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